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I want to reduce my pet’s anxiety levels, eliminate exposing them to illness from other animals, and have peace of mind while I am away.


What’s the cost for the professional services of PetChaperones.com?

According to the American Humane Society, pets are happiest when they are in their familiar environment.  When surrounded by the stimuli associated with a loving home and their human family, pets are less likely to experience stress.  

By keeping your pet at home while you are away, your pet will not experience travel trauma and will not be exposed to illnesses or parasites from other animals.

With all of these benefits for your pet, you may be surprised to find the cost of the Basic In Home Service is comparable to the cost of caging your pet at a boarding facility!


 The Professional Services of PetChaperones.com


 Basic In Home Visit

Basic Service

1 – 2 Pets

3 – 4 Pets

5 – 6 Pets

One Daily Visit




Two Daily Visits




Three Daily Visits




Mid-Day Walks

Mid-Day Walks

Single Pet Walk

$13 per walk

Two Pets Walked Together

$14 per walk

Three Pets Walked Together

$15 per walk

These rates are based on the assumption the pets can be walked together without problems. If there are four or more pets, they will be divided into smaller groups.

Pet Taxi

$28 per hour plus 47 cents per mile

Pet Supply Shopping

The cost of the supplies plus $15 plus 47 cents per mile

Holiday Surcharge: Please note, there is a holiday surcharge of $7 per visit, not to exceed $14 per day, for   services provided by the professionals of PetChaperones.com on the following days:  New Year’s Eve, New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.



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PetChaperones.com is insured by Century Surety Company

PetChaperones.com is bonded by St. Paul Travelers

PetChaperones.com is a member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters



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