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What are some of the questions often asked of the professionals at PetChaperones.com?   


 What is your service area?

The primary service area of PetChaperones.com is the Lake Conroe area in the County of Montgomery, Texas. In order to provide exceptional service at reasonable rates, a concentrated service area is maintained.


 Iím not in your area, can you still help?

If you are in the general vicinity of Lake Conroe, it is possible that we can arrange for services for you at different costs than those published. Click the Request Service button below and submit a request.



I submitted a Request for Service, does that mean my service is guaranteed?

No.  Service is not guaranteed until you have received a Confirmation Code from PetChaperones.com. If this is your first time using our services, there are steps we need to take before proceeding. (Please refer to the "The Process" page of this web site.)

If you are a return customer, your service is still not guaranteed until you have received a Confirmation Code from PetChaperones.com.

In most instances you will receive an initial response to your request in 48 hours or less. If you have not received a reply within 72 hours of request, please call our office at 936-588-2553. (It is likely your email was not received for reasons beyond our control.)


 Is PetChaperones.com insured and bonded?

Yes.  PetChaperones.com is insured by Century Surety Company and bonded by St. Paul Travelers.


Does PetChaperones.com have a veterinarian on call?

Yes.  In the event of an emergency, PetChaperones.com will first seek treatment from your primary veterinarian. In the event your primary veterinarian is unavailable, the services of Animal Emergency Clinic of Montgomery County will be utilized.


Is my house key safe?

Yes.  Precautions are taken to guarantee the safety of your house key and these measures are discussed during the initial consultation phase of securing the professional services of PetChaperones.com.


Are my animals walked during a Basic In Home Visit?

General playtime is provided to allow your pet to exercise and socialize. Generally this is done within the confines of your yard or immediate outside home area. If leash walking is preferred, this can be discussed prior to service arrangement.


What items must I provide for my animals while I am away?

Food, treats and any vitamins/medications must be provided. Sufficient kitty litter, a scooper, and trash bags should be made available.


Is there anything I can do to make the visit special? 

PetChaperones.com requests you provide a well-worn article of clothing for us to bring on our daily visits. Your pets will recognize your scent and be even happier for the visit!


Do you record my animalsí behavior?

PetChaperones.com will make daily journal entries regarding the visits with your pets and share this with you upon your return home.


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PetChaperones.com is insured by Century Surety Company

PetChaperones.com is bonded by St. Paul Travelers

PetChaperones.com is a member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters



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