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What can you tell me about the people behind the professional services of PetChaperones.com?


About the Professionals:

PetChaperones.com, Lake Conroe Division, is owned and operated by the family team of James and Katren Coumbe.  Proud parents of one human, one dog, four cats, and twelve fish, James and Katren have been respected citizens in the Lake Conroe community for over ten years. 

Katren’s love of animals and nature began as a young girl while living in England. Her botanist mother and geologist father founded a local Natural History Society (still in existence today) and she was fortunate to be included in most of the activities. Upon moving to the United States, each summer was filled with various excursions due to her father's geological fieldwork. Katren was introduced to bird watching during grade school and still enjoys the hobby today. A multiple cat-mother for her entire adult life, Katren has a way of making animals feel at ease in her company.

Apart from being a professional of PetChaperones.com, Katren is a dedicated mother and loving wife. Katren received her Biology degree from Stephen F. Austin University in 1991 and enjoyed a career working in the commercial environmental laboratory industry until the birth of her daughter in 2004.

James’ family has at times included humans, dogs, cats, fish, ferrets, iguanas, crawfish, parakeets, cockatoos, hamsters, worms, ants, turtles and even skunks! James loves spending time with animals and it is obvious that animals enjoy spending time with him!

Apart from being a professional of PetChaperones.com, James is a dedicated father, loving husband, and a “backyard bird watcher.” James received his English/Psychology degree from Sam Houston State University and is a Regional Sales  Manager for an International company in the hospitality industry.


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